What Makes You Strong?

Each person will create four collage’s – 6″ x 6″ on a page in their sketchbook. Using images from magazines, original drawings and words each collage should answer one of the following:

1.Where do you get your inner strength? What is your inspiration? Who or what helps you?

2. What is your family talent, skill or specialty?

3.What keeps you in your community? What do you like best about your home or neighborhood?

4.What do you personally contribute to your community?

Collage:   Trace the 6″ x 6″ template – one on each page with the questions on the top of the page. List four answers to the questions. Complete a collage roughly 4 1/2″ x 8″ that illustrate each answer.

Print:  Based on this exploration complete a drawing/print on paper provided incorporating these images as well as your self portrait (head a shoulders). Use the picture of yourself (Instructor will provide) phone as reference.

The drawing provides the basic composition- the structure for the print. Be sure to include elements from the four questions (at least one “symbol”) in the background. Break all borders. Portraits are to be centered but do not need to be full front.

The print is a study of value and pattern – clarifying the content. All marks and shapes are created by hand- no hard lines. The printing plate will be clear plastic gouged with a stylist.

Maintain your personal space while working. Follow safety rules. Completed plates will be printed on the etching press in small groups.

The portrait needs to be computationally correct resulting in a “realistic” portrait.

Artist Statement: Due the day your portrait is completed/turned in – send an email to colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us with a brief written statement that includes the following.  Please use complete sentence structure, correct grammar and spelling, capitalization and punctuation.*

  • What did you intend to show in your print. Refer to at least four things you included in your compositions from your four collages.
  • What personal decisions-making did you engage in when making choices about what to do?
  • What did you become aware of while completing your self portrait? What did you learn about your self?

*Points off for poor writing.

HS Grading Rubric

Lesson based on painting lesson by Karen Savage-Blue at CBAI Workshop, Summer 2012
Portrait completes by Ms. Olson during the workshop.