Still Life Drawing with Conte’ Crayon

110964_origConte’ crayon is a soft drawing medium that allows the artist to create soft values without too much effort. It is a manageable drawing tool that provides immediate positive results.

Preparation for drawing
Participate in a number of useful “warm-ups” to encourage your hand to draw what your eye sees with out edit. Repeat these warm-ups whenever time allows.

Participate in a number of “timed exercises” providing more proof of your ability to draw when trusting your eye and hand to draw what they see – not what we think we see.

Final Drawing
Complete a light contour sketch of still life. This will assure you that the drawing will fit on the page and provide a good composition.
Darken in areas with conte’ that are solid black only. Smear the conte’ crayon already on the page into the mid tones to create shades. Add more conte’ wear values need to be darkened. Continue working through out the composition evenly assuring the overall completion of the drawing.

Drawings are due at the end of class January 8th.

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