“Jones” Soda Photo & Label Design


Assignment #1 Photo Submission to JONES SODA COMPANY

Go to the Jones Soda Company web page .

On their web site go to the Photo Gallery and follow directions for submitting an image for their consideration. Use your South Ridge email.

Submit two photographs to the Jones Soda Company for their consideration.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Jones-photo-entry.jpg“Print screen” when they ask for your final approval. Share your activity by emailing your photo (through Jones Soda) to Ms. Olson. Re size it in Photoshop and load on to your web site along with the image you used on your Jones label.

Assignment #2 Create a pop label using your own last name as the brand name.

Look through the web page to understand the thinking of the company.  Save the “empty” bottle (below) on to your flash drive.  Select a label for Jones Soda to edit.  Read through the information on the label. Edit all of the text on the label to go with your soda replacing JONES with your last name.  The text sizes, fonts and color need to match throughout.

Complete the flat label as well as on the bottle. Take and create a new b/w photograph that will go on your label. You may need to adjust (warp? distort?) the flat label to wrap around the bottle.

JONES pop bottle

JONES pop label

Upload your new pop bottle – with new label – to your web page.

Upload your new flat label to your web page.

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