@ Alexander Calder / Wire Sculpture 2

sneakersWire_Shoe_TopDrawing Assignment 2: Research a pair of shoes you like. Draw (with 2B pencil in your sketchbook) three views of the show – looking at it from the front/top, side and back views.
Sculpture Assignment 2: Using sculpture wire provided (2+ gauges) and needle nose pliers, create a 3D wire sculpture of your chosen shoe (not a set). Do not cut the wire. Blend in and finish the wire ends. Create space or “implied walls” with the wire – not walls. Your 3D shoe should be life size, stand on its own – like a shoe 🙂
Grading Rubric: Complete the drawing and sculpture activity. Shoe should be life size and free standing. Be sure no “wild hairs” distract the viewer. Keep the wire under control and tight.