Using the Pen tool in Photoshop

Creating illustration form photographs is used thoughout the graphic design world. Complete the tutorial on using the pen tool. You will create a simple graphic of a bird.

Repeat the process using a bird chosen from the “Bird” folder on your flash drive and complete the assignment again. Create a post with a two cell table and upload your original photo of the bird and the graphic version of your bird.

There are a few variations of the Pen tool in the Tools panel. Select it the Pen tool or Free-form Pen tool. Then, select Shape in the tool mode drop-down menu in the Options bar. Then set the Fill and Stroke colors to None. Follow the instructions knowing that you have a limited tool.

Tutorial reference (also see the same tutorial below. Use whichever works best for you)

Tutorial Bird file

Visualize your paths better

1.Down load the image of the “tutorial bird” provided and save to your flash drive. In PhotoShop open the tutorial bird image.

2. Select the pen tool. Adjust path Thickness and Color on top menu bar

Note: This only affects a path’s appearance and helps you to visualize the shape better. It has no effect on the stroke — you’ll specify that later when you apply color to the shapes.







Using the Freeform Pen tool click once then drag around the edge of the shape you are intending to create. Continue tracing around the curved shape, clicking once to place each point. You will notice a new layer is created for each new shape. Your bird shouldn’t have more than 10 shapes.

Tip: Each path and shape is automatically saved as a separate shape layer in the Layers panel. Give each shape a unique name to tell it apart. Double-click the layer’s name and type a new one.




Add color to your shapes

Select a shape layer, or press Shift and click multiple shape layers to color them at once. Change the Fill and Stroke colors in the Options bar.