Poster Design – The Social Issue

Social Issues Poster Design_0Create a list with your class (by brainstorming) a list of concerns to teens in America. What are the social concerns of teens today?

Choose a concern that you have. You are going to create a poster on this topic meant to inform and hopefully inspire others to consider your idea.

After you have chosen your topic read three or more articles on line that explore your concern. Save the source on a word document.

On drawing paper: Brainstorm design ideas. Where will the headline go? Where will the sub head go? Where will the information (body copy) go? Determine how many columns (two?, three???)? Will the image bleed or will there be a (white or color) border? Where is the color? What is the color? Type font (serif or sans serif? Name)? Establish a grid (measure it out) to hold your text and image.

Work out two different poster designs: one vertical and one horizontal. Paper is 11″ x 17″ but can be trimmed down to whatever you choose.

In an email:

1. Headline (topic of the informational poster, 1-3 words)
“Homeless Teens”

2. Sub-head (clarifies the topic, lets the readers know where you are headed, what information they might receive)
“Resources Available for Northland Teens That Find Themselves Homeless”)

3. Write the body copy you intend to use on your poster and email it along with three URL source addresses to your Instructor. 

4. Original photographs only. Each photograph needs to be made into a piece of art – adjusted using tools you have studied this year in PhotoShop.

  • Illustrator (Ai Portrait) – cut paper
  • Black and White
  • PhotoShop/Posterization/High Contrast
  • Triple Portrait – weaving images together
  • PhotoShop/Selective Color
  • PhotoShop/Transparent Color
  • Panographs
  • Combining two or more images into one image, Balancing Light
  • Double Exposure
  • Others???

Complete poster layout in InDesign. Overall Poster (horizontal or vertical) size can be no larger than 11″ x 17″ (no bleed) or 10″ x 16″ (with bleed).

Grading Criteria: Your poster needs to adhere to a grid. You must have one (or more) image(s), a headline, a sub-head , a paragraph (200 words) and contact information (to you).