Floor Loom Weaving Exploration

The looms have been warped and prepared for you so weave a small matt or rug. Observe the weaving demo in class.

  1. Prepare the 1″ wide strips of cloth you intend to use in your weaving.
  2. After the woven “filler” tie a thread to the outer warp thread with your name attached. This is a guide as well as an ID for your work.
  3. Weave  square matt (white warp) or rectangle rug (colored warp). Keep outer edges straight – no easing in.
  4. Tie the end of your ID string to the edge of your last woven row.
  5. Add 8 rows of “filler”.
  6. Once everyone has completed their weaving the warp will be removed from the loom. You will need to knot the ends of your warp so the weaving doesn’t come apart.