Photo Essay #6 – Final Part 1, Shadows and Silhouettes

Shoot the shadow as the subject      Objects with distinct shapes make great shadows, and can even be the subject of your image; think about things like bicycles, trees, people, a fence, a horse or camel, etc. Create an image of the object with its shadow, or just show only the shadow, and cut off the real object. Obviously you need a bright sunny day, and if you want long shadows, shoot later in the day towards dusk, or first thing in the morning after sunrise – both times when the sun is low in the sky.Find two images that have a shadow as the subject. Load them to your web page in a table.




Create a silhouette   Many people think of silhouettes as shadows, and while technically there are not – a silhouette is about dark versus light, and for the purpose of this article it fits.  To create a silhouette you basically just need a subject that is backlit (light coming from behind it) and a light toned background. Sunset is a great way to make a silhouette, or in front of a indow.

However, just like shooting a shadow, make sure to pick a subject with a distinct, recognizable, shape or outline, because otherwise it will just look like a blob of nothing.