Cardboard Relief Printing – Self Portrait

Assignment #1: Looking at the portrait taken of you you will see that a “Posterized Black and White” version has been created for you. It is a black and white high contrast version of the portrait taken in class a few weeks back. Using a sharpie clarify as many details as you can but only using black shapes and solid lines (no cross hatching).

Assignment #2: Transfer the high contrast drawing to the flat sheet of cardboard using carbon paper. Using an x-acto blade, carefully cut on the edge of the dark areas. Peel away away the light areas, leaving the black areas. Leave the “corrugated cardboard middle”.

Assignment #3: Printing.  Participate in the class demonstration. Roll our black printer’s ink rolled out on to a sheet of glass using a brayer. Keeping your paper and other area outside the inking plate clean, evenly roll out ink on to your cardboard printing plate. Watch demonstration.

Place a clean sheet of paper on top of the inked printing plate and rub with a wooden spoon evenly all over. Be cautious not to create “lines” from rubbing with the edge of the spoon – rather than the “bottom, rounded bowl” of the spoon.

Print two prints.