Graphic Design Power Words

serif-v-sansserifWhat power do words have over us? Do we grow stronger or weaker because of words? Do serif or sans-serif type fonts affect us differently?

Brainstorm with the class using your sketchbook words (intentions, actions, ideas) that we need to have in our life as we work towards graduation.


Research and Practice         In your sketchbook begin by writing you first name in a sans-serif type font and and then in a serif type font. Use example sheets handed out to you by your instructor.

Trace a prepared Square in the center on a page in your sketchbook. Visually break up a 8′ x 8″  into four shapes using a regular writing pencil – geometric or organic. Using an HB pencil fill each shape with a word from your list. Serif and Sans-serif typography (text) can be freely distorted to fill (leaving small border around each word) the space.

Using colored pencils create a color wheel: each round should show the four color studies. Hue, Tints, Tones and Shades. All shapes are to be colored in with pencils in a “study” – ex. Hue/Shade, Tint/Hue. Fill the shape (text or background) completely. Mixing the colored pencils was demonstrations using Dewert and/or Prismacolor pencils.

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