Oscar Award Winners – Poster Design

Using the illustration completed in Ai design a poster using that illustration.

In determining the final poster design create three different layout proposals and save them in a folder on your flash titled “Poster Design_Artist last name”. You will lose points if the labeling of files is not correct. Title them:

1Poster_yourname_artist’s last name

2Poster_yourname_artist’s last name

3Poster_yourname_artist’s last name

Each poster must include:

  1. Overall paper sheet size is 11″ x 17″
  2. Poster size 10 ” x 15″ , bleed 4-sides
  3. Illustration – largest image, full color
  4. Three additional photos (find on web) of the actor/singer/director with caption (in italic, centered)
  5. Headline
  6. Sub headline – additional clarifying information
  7. Body copy – 250 words about this artist’s work and reason for getting the Emmy award.
  8. Obvious grid throughout. On the Id file I will look for the grid created by you (by dragging rulers into place). Is the design centered? Flush left? Flush right? The grid clarifies why text and images are put where they are. Demonstrate your use of the grid throughout your poster layout design.
  9. One type font with multiple variations of that type font (italic, bold, regular, narrow, etc). Font should reflect attitude of the person.