Color and Design

color2_ex_1-01Original art design- Initial brainstorming  Trace three 5″ squares in your sketchbook – one/page. Using a 2B pencil create a “X” from corner to corner. In each triangle use your 1st and last initials to make a design. It must touch all three sides of the triangle. Complete your design by painting it in with watercolor using – one color and the paper color (white). Image should touch (break) all borders and be read as design not straight up letters.

On your final art    Use a 2H pencil. With a yard stick measure out your paper to accommodate nine 5″ squares. Paper size – 18″ square.  Using 5″ squares with 1″ border on the outside and 1/2″ gutter between squares.

2. Repeat the BW design you like best from your initial brainstorming.  Inside each 5 ” square repeat in pencil your initial design. The art should create a “tessellation”.

3. Choose four colors +BW. Paint each “square” different than the other squares. Each square must have all four colors with variation of each color throughout. Let the colors push and pull each other. Watercolor must also be transparent – not opaque. When completed it should read as one design (not nine).

The completed work should demonstrate you understanding of how color affects color. Each square is to be different than the others, colors are to be transparent, and brush work is to be controlled.

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