242068_sAs a 21st century learner we need to be able to read and write on the internet. Throughout first semester a portion of your time has been spent in learning code via codeacademy.

First quarter –  “Intro to HTML”, Second quarter – “Learn CSS” and “Make a website”

Grading is based on completion of these courses. A percentage grade will be applied for work completed.

Additional programs, if the three required courses are completed “Introduction to JavaScript”, “Introduction to jQuery”, “Learn Java” and “Learn C++”.

These are beginners courses. No previous knowledge is required. Log into courses out side of class to work on projects. We are in this together!

Internet permission slips must be turned in before beginning this assignment.

Begin by going to and create an account with your school email account.

enter your school email
(last two numbers of the year you graduate) (first four letters of your first name) (first four letter of your last name)  

Username your school email user name

Password    Capitol first initial, lower case second initial, Student ID number

Scroll down to the bottom and choose HTML & CSS, Phython, JavaScript or C++  found in “By Language”.

When completed (or at the end of the term) let your Instructor know how far along you got. Then, go to “My Profile” and (right click) Print a pdf. Save it on your flash drive. Attach the pdf of your achievements in an email message to Ms. Olson  ( with a reflection on learning to code What did you find most interesting? Which lessons were most challenging and why? Could you see yourself learning and doing more about coding? Any other observations that demonstrate what you have accomplished?