401A Media Art CITS – Photography

slidMedia Art Photography is an introductory course designed to train students on how to use industry standard digital editing software, computer hardware, and hardware equipment including a digital camera. You will  also have introductory instruction in design, rules of composition, the history of photography, master photographers and career options in photography. You will have opportunity to learn skills related to digital camera uses, photography techniques, scanner operations, and design/layout skills. Class projects will be turned in via your page on the art dept web site – https://testart.carolynolson.net and should also be available on your flash drive/memory stick on the date they are due. No work will be accepted two weeks after due date.

Our primary objective will be the achievement of Minnesota’s Academic Standards, with greatest emphasis on those in the Visual Arts:

1 Creating Art: Students know and apply the arts, disciplines, techniques and processes to communicate in original or interpretive work.
2 Art in Context: Students demonstrate how elements of time and place influence the visual characteristics, content, purpose and message of works of art.
3 Art as Inquiry: Students demonstrate how the arts reveal universal concepts and themes. Students reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.

Students need to maintain good studio organization and use of tools as expected by the teacher. Students will maintain facilities in an appropriate working condition and abide by studio use guidelines and permissions.

I don’t put much store in the notion of talent. I’m convinced that every student simply needs opportunity. As an educator and professional artist I can design lessons in such a way that all or nearly all students can succeed at challenges which are satisfying and meaningful. I assess each student’s work on the degree to which each achieves the objectives of the assignments.

Make-Up Work
Students may make up assignments only if they have excused absences. See your Instructor for specific instructions the day you return to class! Since the programs are specific to this course the lab will be available most Tuesdays after school until 5.

Please contact me if you have any special interests in or concerns about the art program. colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us or 218-345-6789 x 3400

Grading Rubric


401   2D Visual Art:  Media Art – Photography
#7527 Grade Level: HS 9-12 Elective

Software – Adobe PhotoShop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and WordPress

Students will create meaningful work demonstrating working knowledge of elements and principles. Projects will reflect an understanding of media styles and genre. Students will create original media works that demonstrates their understanding of the personal, social, cultural and historical contexts affecting media art. Work will integrate knowledge of technology and software to create expressive original work.

Standards: Artistic Foundations 1.1, 1.2, 1.3  Artistic Process: Create or Make 2.1

Photo credit: Angela Redding, 2012 South Ridge graduate