Color Study

josef-albers-homage-to-the-square-on-google-julia-ritsonThis project is the first in our study of colors. We are going to study the work of Joseph Albers. His studies involved the interaction of color.

Group Color Chart – Two colors can appear so different depending on the colors surrounding them. As a class we need to create some colored paper for our work together.We are going to make hand painted color sheets of paper. We will use tempera paint. Cover tables with brown paper. Prepare to make a lot of colored paper.

1. Each table is to paint three 11′ x 17″ of each of the colors assigned them plus additional sheets within their color palette. Be sure the sheet is completely covered in that one flat color.

RED-Burgundy, Red, OrangeRed, Magenta, LightRed, Pink; YELLOW- Yellow, LightYellow, BurntYellow, YellowOrange, Cream, GreenYellow
ORANGE-BurntOrange, Orange, RedOrange, MacaroniOrange, MandarineOrange;
GREEN-Kelly Green, Forest Green, Olive Green, Veridian, BlueGreen, PhaloGreen, Lime Green;
BLUE- Royal Blue, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Ice Blue, CobaltBlue, MidnightBlue, Teal Blue;
VIOLET/PURPLE- Rose; Dark Rose, Red-Purple, Violet, AlizarineCrimsen;
WHITE/GRAY- light gray, light blue gray/dark blue gray, Light greenGray/dark green gray.

2. Cut out 4 shades of each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue,  purple)  multiple times and arrange them differently so they hopefully appeared differently. Determine the size of the color sheets by the digression of color.

3.Cut out the same secondary colors (purple, green, and orange) three times and placed a different primary color beneath each of them. Overall I think this was very effective because the secondary colors look different based on the background color, despite being the exact same color as the one next to it.

4. Glue them together with glue stick. Be sure your name is on the back of the study.

5. Add your study to the class wall of color studies.

Personal Color Chart

Based on what we learned as a class create your own color study. See the example above. Your chart is to look like this one – nine columns of three studies. Participate in the class discussion of this assignment before beginning.

1. Paint your colored paper.

2. Compose your chart (with 2H pencil and ruler) on heavy paper provided. Be sure to center the color study chart leaving an even border, no less than 1″.

3. Layout color swatches-gluing them down with glue stick. Name in pencil at bottom right.
HS Grading Rubric

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