Forced Perspective – Combine Photograph in PhotoShop

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In this assignment you are to photograph the subject and setting separately and put them together using PhotoShop. The subject (a person) is to be either unrealistically too large or too small for the setting (a place). The setting is to be a common place or item. The photos edits are to remain as realistic as possible.

Complete one with the subject too large for it’s place and one with the subject too small for it’s place.

To complete use PhotoShop. Duplicate the background layer. Using the marquee tool and magic wand  select the subject>Layer via Copy and save to a separate layer. Clean up edges using the smudge, blur and eraser tools. Re-size images keeping the resolution high and the proportions correct.

Use the brush tool at a low opacity to create realistic cast shadows (shadows should be consistent and reflect the image). The new image is to look as “real” possible.

Save each 8″ x 10″, 180 dpi in folder along with all of the images you took for this assignment. Upload two of each combination to your page entitled “Combine Photograph”. All images from this assignment should be in a folder on your flash drive.

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