Ribbon of Warped Images

1. Download the outline drawing of the ribbon in PhotoShop (see left). Check the size – it should be 1000 x 1200, 100 dpi. Rename and save as “your last name_ribbon” in a folder marked “Ribbon”.

2. Choose four images from all of your collection of photographs. Resize all images to 100 dpi. Save them to the “Ribbon” folder.

3. Using the marque tool select a rectangle from each photograph > Right click on the .jpg  and select “layer via copy”> Select the move tool>Left click and drag the rectangle on to the “ribbon” .jpg – one rectangle for each of the four areas on the ribbon. You will have a background layer, duplication of the background layer and four additional layers

4. With the move tool selected, choose one of the four image layers. Select the layer. With the move tool rotate the image to fit the direction of the ribbon section. Select Edit>Transform>Warp. In Layers, turn down the Opacity to 35%.

5. Select the intersecting lines to move the image to fit into the ribbon section. Use the “handles to move the shapes to fit. Fill all four shapes.

6. Rearrange the shapes so that they overlap correctly.

9. Create a duplicate layer above each of the four images. Use the Gradient tool and drag from the top to bottom creating a black gradient. Select “Linear Light” and adjust the Opacity to create a shadow.

10.  To make highlighted and glossy areas: create a round glowing circle, compress it, and rotate it in the angle according to your strip’s direction.

7. Eliminate the line art.

8. Save as a .jpg and post to your web site.