Technical Drawing

810886Can you describe an object well enough for another person draw or construct that object? One of the best ways to communicate your ideas is through detailed drawing.

Today we will test our ability to write and draw. The class will be divided into two groups. Each group facing away from the other. It is important not to look at the other groups work.

Participate in the demonstration of putting peanut butter on a cracker.

You will be matched with another student (on the other side of the room) to complete this assignment. You want to do your best.

  1. Choose¬†a specific set of materials – 3 different things from supply table. These are the items you will use to build a small sculpture. Get doubles so that your “partner” can have the same building materials you used. Set the second set aside.
  2. Build you sculpture. Make detailed notes and small drawings to describe how to create you sculpture. You need to have at least 5 steps.
  3. Turn you page. Complete a drawing of you sculpture on a separate piece of paper. When done your instructor will collect the sculptures.
  4. Place the new set of materials and your instructions on the table – ready for the next person.

When everyone is done switch places with your “partner”. Read through the instructions and create the sculpture. DO not look at the drawing.

Build the sculpture and place it in front of you. Draw the sculpture. Having built and drawn the sculpture now write out “step-by-step” the process required to build your sculpture.

Your goal is for another person to be able to build and draw your sculpture successfully by reading your instructions alone.

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