Oil Pastel Animal Portriat Using the Grid

"Red Fox is Watching You" By Cyra Cancel
“Red Fox is Watching You” By Cyra Cancel

The grid method of reproducing and enlarging an image in correct proportion and shading has been used for centuries. Ancient Greeks used it to transfer images to the interior walls. Egyptians also covered their walls with narrative murals. Modern artists use the same techniques for large murals and advertisements. Watch the video about Chuck Close. Artist Chuck Close uses the grid method to recreate huge portraits.

Assignment: Choose an animal to reproduce. A 1″ grid has been provided to overlay the animal portrait. Write in “1,2,3, etc.” horizontally across the top of the grid with “A, B, C, etc.” down the side vertically.

On a large sheet of drawing paper provided create a 1″ border with 4″ square inside. It should measure 16″ x 20″. mark the “1, 2, 3” and “A, B, C”. Using a view finder work one square at all time recreating the values within the square as accurately as possible using oil pastels. Your completed animal portrait should very realistic and contain a wide variety of values and hues. If time allows choose an appropriate background.


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