Photo Essay #3 – Parts of a Whole – Minimalist

Choose an item you see often – maybe every day: a truck parked next to your barn; the mailbox; the couch; your shoes; etc. Look at it new eyes. Photograph this object by photographing it’s parts (Upholstered chair – side view/straight on; front view/up from the floor; teeth marks on the cushion, curve of the wood back/looking down, etc) . You must incorporate POV and Rule of Thirds in each photograph. Tell the story of the object in 15 – 20 photographs. End with one image of the whole.

Point of View: 1. Eye Level  2.A bird’seye view is an elevated view of an object from above. 3.A worm’seye view is a view of an object from below.


Your will be grades on: timely completion of 15 in focus photographs with varying Points of view ( POV) in every photograph and the posting of four images to your web site that tell the “abbreviated” story.