Value Study in BW – Chuck Close


Introduction to Chuck Close.  a value study “guideline” in sketchbook. Create a continuum of 8 different values of gray using the inked finger tip.

Choose an animal portrait to recreate it in black and white using the finger print.

  • imagel>Grid the original printout image into 1″ squares. Label the top/bottom with letters and left/right column going down with numbers.
  • Lightly grid your 18″ x 24″ drawing paper (using H or HB) into 3″ squares.
  • Create a viewfinder with a 1″ square hole from paper strips. (Make sure your name is on it) You will use the viewfinder to allow you to see one square at a time.
  • Using the viewfinder and ink pad, recreate with the mark of your finger tip – square by square – the animal portrait. Your goal it to use only the finger tip (print) only to make the various values of gray.
  • Complete the portrait.


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