@another – Compare and Contrast Painting FINAL

encodedmeredithil_340x270.494651750_scnpDay 1: Participate in the Encoded game – a game that studies historical and modern artwork through observation and comparison.

Assignment: Based on the work of another artist, create another composition with reference to the original artwork and artist’s intent. The reference needs to be visually and psychologically recognizably connecting the two pieces of art.

Day 2: Choose an artist/specific artwork that is interesting to you. Determine why this artwork speaks to you*. Sketch 3 composition ideas that include the part of the artist’s artwork that inspires you.  Complete one composition/page in your sketchbook.

*Does the subject they are painting about interest you? Does the artwork remind you of something that is important to you such as a person? activity? (cooking, reading, running, spending time with a certain person or in a certain place, etc.) Color pallet? This does not need to be “big” but does need to mean something to you that you can express in written words and drawn/painted visually on paper.

Choose one of your preliminary sketches and redraw/transfer the image with 2B pencil to the paper provided by your instructor. Tape the paper to a drawing board leaving a clean 1/2″ boder with masking tape. Your final composition will be larger than the sketchbook’s version.

Day 3: email your initial written proposal for the painting to colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us before beginning to paint. While working on the painting check you email for critique and encouragement. Ask questions if unable to do so in class.

  1. Tell me the name of the artist and the painting/artwork you chose to create your comparison painting.
  2. Explain to me why you choose this artist
  3. What you hope to show in your work. What do you intend the viewer to see and learn by looking at your art work?
  4. What is the relationship to the original artwork? Why are you drawn to the original artwork?

Write this information in sentences. It is to be read as a conversation. I will read your responses as if you are speaking to me. Be sure to use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. Points off for each oversight.

Day 3-4: Transfer your sketch to the paper provided.

Day 4-7: Complete the painting and send final artist statement. Due January 13th.

Grading criteria for the completed art:
Paint: Use either acrylic or gouache paint
Painted surface : Completed on heavy paper – provided. (Artwork is to be attached to drawing board with an even 1/2″ border taped creating 1/2″ white border when completed.
Technique: Color: Full color palette, controlled brushwork
Composition: must include a foreground, middle and back ground
Artist Intention: reference to artist clear – style, imagery, content/topic
Composition is aesthetically strong. No unsubstantiated areas without purpose, color is deliberate,


Artist Statement: Due the day your painting is completed/turned in – send another email to colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us with a brief written statement that includes the following.

  • What did you intend to show in your painting. Refer to the artist/painting that inspired you. Give an example of how you were ere you successful in depicting your intentions?
  • What personal decisions-making did you engage in when making choices about what to do? What did you do with the color? with the subject?
  • What did you become aware of while completing comparison painting? What did you learn about your self?

Please use complete sentence structure, correct grammar and spelling, capitalization and punctuation.Points off for poor writing.

email colson@isd2142.k12.mn.us



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