5-page 3D Books

Write a “fantastic binomial” in class for 8 minutes: four legged northern Minnesotan wild animal (beaver, raccoon, bear etc.), prepositional phrase, local camping ground or park (Park Point, White Face Camping ground, Big Lake, etc.)

Using a discarded book choose four parts to your story: foreground, middle ground back ground and back-back ground. Each layer should tell us more details about your fantastic story.

Choose a discarded book and draw out on the pages you will keep and what you will discard.. Trim away what you don’t need. Use scissors and x-acto knives (Safety First!) Glue other pages together. You need a minimum of a cover (open or closed), three pages (foreground, middle ground and background) + the back-background.

Using the manufactured color on the pages as well as additional papers, twine, color, create each page knowing that all need to work together in a 3D image.