Typographic Design

Creating a design  using letter forms – your three initials – will provide a repeating design to study color theory.

Design Drawing with Pencil     In your sketchbook, trace the 5″ square card once/page x 3 pages. Within that square create a design (logo) using your three initials. See example above for “CSO”. Letters can be distorted but need to be recognized as the letter form. No embellishments – sans serif type. Create 6-8 shapes.

Choose one of the designs and “star” that page – signifying it is your chosen design.

On the paper provided (18″ x 18″) create a 15″ x 15″ square in the middle. Divide that square into 9 equal squares (see above). With a 2B or B pencil redraw your logo design in each square – be sure they are as identical as possible.

Design Painting Creating Variation of Color Hue, Tone, Tint and Shade    Using the tempera paints provided, complete the center square in Grays (mixing only black and white –  no pure black or white). Complete the remaining eight squares . Each to be one hue with its various tints, shades and tones (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, plus two more). Only one shape can be the pure hue.