Transformation: Tool to Animal

image image image imageCreate four drawings – one of a tool and one of the animal. Create two other drawings demonstrating the transformation of tool to animal.

Using your iPad, open up two tabs on your iPad: one to images of four legged wild animals and the other to hand tools. Work your ideas out by going back and forth to find the tool and animal that “match up”.

In your sketchbook break up the page into four equal squares (or rectangles) that will best hold your tool and animal. In your first panel draw the tool (filling the space). In the last panel draw the four legged animal (based on the picture). Add as many details, shading, light and dark , etc.

In the middle two panels draw the metamorphism – show the change in two steps. Grow the legs, ears, eyes; lose the metal/add the fur; change the line from hard metal to soft edged animal.

Complete all of the drawings using 2B and/or 4B granite pencils.