201/202 Drawing and Painting

Frida Kahl0 - Self Portrait
9/2-9 Frida Kahl0 – Self Portrait
Color Study
9/11-16 J. Albers – Cut Paper Color Study
9/18-30 Color Study Painted Still LIfe

This course that covers a variety of more advanced 2-dimensional experiences, including use of graphite, charcoal, pastels, acrylic, ink, watercolor, collage/ mixed media, and printmaking,. The curriculum will foster use of more advanced vocabulary, technical skills, and creative thought. Projects will primarily focus on art making, but will also include discussions, power point lectures, reflection/critiques, and written assignments, and will further address the elements and principles of design.

As a core course in the Arts we intend to explore more advanced drawing, painting, and mixed media techniques, different ideas, styles, themes and media as a means to foster creative thinking and expression, learn to perceive and talk about art and design, using the language of art as well as  learn about the relationship between art and culture over time. We will discuss career pathways open to artists and have a trip to the Twin Cities planned for February 6th to visit different art schools/programs/UM and shows/exhibitions.

Moreover art making is a life skill. Developing good studio habits, including respect for studio, materials, self, and others will serve our community best.

Grading Rubric

If you have concerns about your students work in this course please contact me at 218-345-6789 x3400 or email Ms. Olson

202    2D Visual Art:  Drawing and Painting 2  (1 semester)

#7510 (MCCC Code: 05155)

Grade Level: High School 9-12 Elective

Expand knowledge of drawing and painting. Development of visual art content, concepts, and skills. Emphasis on cultural context, art history, and criticism as well as further exploration of visual communication and production. Will continue self reflection and evaluation as well as participate in group critiques. Will prepare artwork for critique and show.

Exploration of graphic arts media, tools, and techniques (may include) – graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, marker, ink, scratch art board, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, oil, collage

Standards: Artistic Foundations 1.1, 1.2, 1.3  Artistic Process: Create or Make 2.1Artistic Process: Perform or Present 3.1, Artistic Process: Respond or Critique 4.1