Character Drawing

imageTo become more confident in drawing skills you will quickly draw a series of characters. One or two of these will be used in a 4-panel cartoon.

Fold a sheet of copy paper into 18 equal rectangles. Near the top of each rectangle (see example) write an occupation. To do this, collaborate with your table group by passing the paper around the table unti everyone adds a different occupation – filling the page. Suggestions may include Cook, Waitress, Snow Plow Driver, Police Officer, etc.)

Your instructor will give you 2 minutes to complete quick portraits (head and shoulders) of each person. Determine quickly what this person may look like – glasses? Hat? Badge? Lots of yellow hair? Tiny eyes? Think about determining characteristics – large nose? Thick neck?

Using a black sharpie go over all of the lines and text. Create a border. Add details with the marker but no “filling in with black”.

Using colored pencils (layered color) completely fill in the portraits. Use colors to make the portraits fun to look at – cartoons! Each color needs to be solid, bold and made with 2-3 colors – example: create a bluish color by filling in with cobalt blue, lime green and turquoise.

Lesson inspired by Lynda Barry’s “Syllabus” and Frank Theatre art residency “FB”.