Being a Digital Citizen

As an art student you will be using the school computer lab. Learning digitally requires good judgement and consideration of others in our community. The lab is used by everyone. In particular, students taking yearly online testing must use our computer lab. If something on your computer has changed or is not working please let your Instructor know immediately and they will notify ISD 2142 IT.

Required for any Media Art course:

You must have a signed release form from your parent/guardian to use the computer and be photographed.

You must have a signed permission from your parent/guardian to borrow equipment from the school – cameras.

You must have and use your school issued gmail, web site/page log in and flash drive.


Digital Citizenship and etiquette in the lab includes:

1. Remain at your assigned computer. Do not switch computers without your instructor’s permission.

2. No Food or Drink in the lab.

3. Leave the computer station in an orderly manner – do not change settings on the computer (personalization) and never bother files on the computer. Pick up personal items and through/recycle garbage.

4.  You are encouraged to use your words to assist others on assignments, never do the work for them and use their keyboard/mouse to demonstrate.

5. The computer should have only school appropriate images and documents only. If you find offensive materials on your computer please let your instructor know. Keep in mind we are a PreK-12 school. Never use an image that could humiliate or offend another person. Images are powerful. Use your powers to make the world a better place.

No cameras or video in washrooms or locker rooms.

6. You are required to use (check daily) your school email and maintain your web page within the course. You will be required to “turn in completed work” via a “post” on your web page.

7. Never share you passwords. You are welcome to communicate with  your instructors through email.

8. Always update and save your work in as may places as possible – in a folder in “My Documents” on your computer and in the cloud/Google Drive.

Student web sites

Password   Stud3nt!


School email

Arts web page

School web page

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