@K Aune Textile Design

Inspired by the work of Kirsten Aune students will create two textile projects – a cloth bag (with or without a pocket) and a holiday stocking. Draw out the idea for the design in the sketchbook. Use color pencils to figure out intentions for color.

  1. Iron 100% cotton muslin fabric that is cut to size.
  2. Create or choose a pattern. Cut it out of a sheet of freezer paper and iron it down. Create stencils for “inside” the pattern. Be sure to acknowledge the facings, straps, etc.
  3. Apply freezer paper stencils over entire sheet of muslin – repeating pattern. Determine the parts to your textile project that you will need including straps, facings, edging, etc.
  4. Using Pro-Chemical concentrated color with opaque or transparent base, mix for the color to use. Apply paint with foam brushes.
  5. Remove paper before paint dries. Dry fabric in a dryer on high for one hour to set the paint.
  6. Cut out the item to sew.