Linoleum Block Print

2radial-designStep 1  Linoleum Block Print/Drawing

Using the pages from the bird book provided and/or your iPad as a resource library choose a specific Minnesota bird and complete a full page detailed drawing in your sketchbook. Be sure to include unique identifying details such as the wing patterns, spots, head plumage and shape, etc.

Write the common and scientific name of the bird, it’s habitat and any other identifying characteristics you find interesting.bird.

Using your drawing redraw complete a simplified version of your drawing on tracing paper with a black marker.

Step 2  Linoleum Block Design Transfer to Linoleum block   Trace a “linoleum block” in your sketchbook. Break it into four equal quadrants. Choose a part of your traced drawing to fill a -motif propose an ideas for your linoleum block fill on quadrant.  Repeat that quadrant in the empty three area – creating a radial design based on a portion of your bird. Work radially as demonstrated during studio will establish the linoleum block’s design. Alternate the negative and positive quadrants and determining what will be black and white.

Completely re-draw the radial design on paper – to scale. On another sheet of tracing paper cover sheet complete your design using a black marker.

Transfer B/W radial design to linoleum block with carbon paper. Clearly define areas that remain black and white.

Step 3  Carving you Linoleum Block   After participating in a safety discussion and learning how to properly use carving tools begin carving linoleum blocks. Complete carve away the areas that will be white from your linoleum block.

Print one artist proof and one 4-block radial designs on paper provided.

Sign, date and number correctly. Completed set of prints  for full points. See Rubric.

Step 4  Artist Statement/ComicBook! Critique: Due once the linoleum print is completed send a ComicBook! page (or two) attachment in an email to Be sure to answer the following questions within the discussion on your page(s). Use complete sentence structure, correct grammar and spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

  • What did you intend to show in your linoleum print? (Type of animal, season, etc.)
  • What did you become aware of yourself while completing? What did you learn about your self?

(FYI Review) Comic Book! App: While completing your linoleum block project use your iPad to document your work.

  • Title – Name of the Project (“Linoleum Block”)
  • Sub title – Description clarifying your project (“Crows in Winter” )
  • by ___________
  • Create 5 cells. Each will focus on a part of the project:
    •  Initial research and drawing of bird
    • Transfer of the Radial Design to Linoleum block
    • Carving the Linoleum
    • Printing process
    • Final Artwork (signed, numbered and dated)
  • Add at least on word bubble/cell describing something you observed or learned at this time (depicted) in the project. Do not retell what you are doing but describe a technique that you learned, skill you got better at, personal accomplishment, etc. You can talk about the best process you chose, how best to prepare the ink, issues at the printing tables, etc.
  • Save as a jpg and add as an attachment to your email

*Points off for poor writing.

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