Scratch art


Choose a couple of small images and a main subject ( animal, snow machine, car, etc.) to complete using cross hatching on black scratch art paper. Begin by completing drawings in your sketchbook as well as printing images out from the computer for reference.

Experiment with line and cross hatching on small scratch art sheets of paper to create two initial designs, animals (your choice of school appropriate images). This experimentation will allow you to understand how the black scratch art paper works and how you are able to create light and darker areas.

Choose a your main subject to recreate on scratch art paper. This should be something you understand and enjoy looking at ike a car, animal, snow machine, motorcycle, etc. It needs to be a single thing – not a still life or landscape. ┬áThe image you should work from should be a detailed photograph.

General instruction: Lightly draw the image with pencil on to the black scratch art paper. Once you know what you intend to scratch away use the variety of tools to remove the dried black ink. If you make a mistake, re-ink the area with India ink provided. Remember that the direction of your scratched line will determine the solid form.