Stencil Silkscreen – The Bee Collapse

Research the current issues surrounding the bee colony collapse.  Choosing three different bees from the list of  common bees currently being studied. Complete two realistic drawing of each bee on a full sheet of paper in your sketchbook clarifying distinguishing characteristics.

Using tracing paper create a black and white design version of one of your bee drawings (about 8″ x 5″). The bee will be a design version in shapes. Transfer to stencil and cut out stencil with x-acto knife. Transfer stencil to silkscreen.

Print a bee (your bee if possible) in all of the following places; front and back outside cover of your sketchbook. (poster ink); on paper provided (poster ink); and “Bee Banner” (textile ink).

Write a one page essay describing your hypothesis for the cause of the bee collapse. Include two sources supporting your point of view within your discussion. email it to by the end of the project.


Photo caption:The Pine cone bee (Coelioxys lanceolata), Marsham’s nomad bee (Nomada marshamella) Mason bee (Osmia maritima) and the gipsy rose bee (Andrena hattorfiana) (Photo: Arnstein Staverløkk/NINA)



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