Package Design – Product Photography

Building on the Jones Soda label assignment you will be choosing one of the canned goods in the photo booth, photographing it using the “M” (manual) setting on your digital camera and designing a better label for this product (vegetable).

Photographing Product
You will need to light your canned good using the correct manual setting. Above you see the differences in light depending on how much light vs. shutter speed. Choose the best image. Load it into PhotoShop and color correct it, adjust contrast, manage all aspects of your canned good. You will make the changes to this label similar to the Jones label but right on the final product.

Redesigning the label
Assume you are keeping the same food but making a more modern looking label. What would you do to make this image more interesting for kids tyour age? What tools in PhotoShop do you have that can help you make this a better looking label?

Edit the logo/company name but keep the general look of the company’s logo – for example “Ocean Spray” may become “Ocean Sprite”


To begin, Open up your best photograph of the product  into PhotoShop. Adjust the size to 300 dpi and the mode – RBG. Correct the contrast and lightness, color and intensity. This will be the image you work from. All editing will be “laid” on top of this photo.

Duplicate your background layer. Save it as “Product_name_Redesign_yourname”

To edit each part of your label use the marque tools  – selecting the part you want to work with. The logo, the product name and the image should all be worked on separately and then “rebuilt” on the background layer.  Use your “right click – layer via copy” to pick your way through the image. Re-vamp the logo. Use the marque tools, magic wand, color selection tools, as well as filters to recreate your new improved and maybe renamed logo. You will need to manage layer visibility to keep things lined up. (You can always save an image and then “step backward”).

Update your web page by uploading the original and the re-done canned product .jpg
Due March 7th

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