Digital Portrait

Introduce yourself to the class by creating a digital portrait of yourself using digital photographs taken on a cell phone.

1. Using the camera on the cell phone – working in groups of four – take images of one another’s facial features – left and right eyes, nose, left and right ears and/or mouth. Holding the phone close to the face filling the screen. You will need at  least two eyes and mouth.

2. Using the digital camera take a photograph – head shot – of yourself with the replaced “digital” facial features on the phone. Rearrange and re-shoot as much as necessary.

3. Upload your new portrait to your web page as well as the class post.

5. Write an Artist statement below uploaded image. What benefits do you bring to your family, friends and community? What do you bring to your world that is unique and necessary? Include your personal intentions for this school year.

HS Grading Rubric

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