Tibetian Prayer Flags

Based on the tradition of the Tibetian Prayer flags, students make a short list of animals they are familiar with that live in northern Minnesota all year long.  Based on the changes in our climate animals in our area are changing as well. Be sure to chose an animal that can survive our climate year long.  Tibetian flags represent the whole earth. Our flags will incorporate the colors represented in the Tibetan prayer flags and the animal represent the animals found in our area.

Day 1 – Research & Drawing   Within a 6″ square (one /page in sketchbook) students will search on their iPad for images of their animals and redraw 3 different ideas – filling the square. Simple backgrounds with as much detail as they can to clarify the image. Each composition should have one large animal and fill the square.

Day 2 – Transferring the design and carving linoleum block   After choosing the one image that would work best. Tape a sheet of tracing paper on top of the drawing. Using a black marker recreating your drawing with shapes, lines, and marks. Keep it clean – no sketch lines.

Place the tracing paper on top of the linoleum block. Slide a sheet of carbon paper between the artwork and the linoleum block. With a ballpoint pen retrace the black marker. Before taking the tracing paper and carbon paper off completely check to see that your art transferred.

Carving Demonstration Safety first!!  Observe a demonstration of how to use the carving tools. Carefully share tools at your table and complete carving away all of the “grey” (where the fabric color will show).

Day 3 Printing   Each student will need to print two of each color. Once the fabrics are dry sew them on to a string.

Finishing of the prints

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