Final Exam – Semester I, Media Art

We have worked on a number of projects throughout the semester. Your Final Exam will be taken directly from your web site and completed checklist. Review the original assignment to be sure you have included all that was required. For the final all work can be redone, reworked, missing work uploaded, essays rewritten…everything needs to be complete if it is to be included in the final; the site needs to look aesthetically pleasing; ¬†spelling, capitalization and grammar correct. ¬†Your site must be organized in order of completion (September to January). Collect a Exam Checklist (due January 17th at 3:15). If you have redone work with an assignment make notes describing the revision. If you are leaving the work as it is let me know that as well – FYI – final grades are new and assignments are assessed at higher standard than initial assignments!

In the table – 3 cells wide by “x” long upload images and hyperlink essays as required.

3 Digital Portraits (9-7-13)

1+ Panographics View (9-12-13)

3 Color Study/Opaque, Transparent and BW Digital Portraits (9-23-13)

2+ Combine Photo _Giant and Miniature (10-11-13)

3 Wing Young Huie Chalk Talk images – one on yourself in center (10-21-13)

2+ Lichtenstein Images (11-1-13)

1+ Mauri Tattoo with hyper-linked reflection essay (11-18-13)

1 Shape Photo (11-22-13)

3 images from Digital Poetry book with the Title of poem hyper-linked to shared Shutterfly book

1 Screen shot of badges earned in Code Academy,

1+ Screenshot/thumbnails with hyperlinks to 2+ additional activities.

Extra Credit -1 Small Planet image, additional code activities such as the phone app (from Code Academy)- additional languages (other than html) such as java and/or Photo Shoots (pre-approved photo shoot of school activities).


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