Wendy Savage and Karen Savage-Blue Teach Ojibwe Pucker-toe Moccasin Making to HS Sculpture Class – Artist Residency

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Artists, Wendy Savage and Karen Savage-Blue are Fond du Lac band members, sisters and gifted artists who have grown up in the Duluth/Cloquet area. They have worked as artists and teachers all of their lives and are now coming to work with South Ridge HS Sculpture students as they teach each of us how make a traditionally fitted pair of Ojibwe pucker-toe moccasins. 

Throughout the month of December students are to complete the applique beaded design on their toe pieces (black velvet). Beginning in January patterns will be made by the Savage sisters to fit each student’s foot (basesd on a foot tracing) and then each student will be taught how to hand sew their own pair of moccasins (Elk hide) using a Glover needle and imitation sinew. 

It is an exceptional opportunity for South Ridge students to work with these talented artists. This skill will be used throughout their life as they sew moccasins for family and friends.

This project was generously supported by the ISD 2142 American Indian Student Services JOM Parent Committee and Essentia Health, Duluth. miigwetch

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