Perpich Center for Arts Education Grant to Bring Teaching Artist, Jonathan Thunder to High School Media Arts and Digital Art

South Ridge School has received funding through The Perich Center for the Arts and ISD 709 to offer an artist residency in animation in Digital Art and Media Art-Graphic Design courses.

e41a8125520eff3a9cfa35fd6aeeb50eTeaching artist, Jonathan Thunder is a painter and digital media artist currently residing in Duluth, Minnesota. He has attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from the Art Institutes International Minnesota. His work has been featured in many state, regional, and national exhibitions, as well as in local and international publications.
Jonathan’s paintings explore personal themes of identity, life transitions, internal conflict, and self-transformation. He depicts expressive characters whose emotions and thoughts manifest viscerally in their physical form. The bodies of his subjects often appear fragmented, disfigured, animalistic, or partially obscured. They portray the prison of old patterns and the desire to fluidly overcome them. His art acts as the scrapbook recording an evolving identity. Through his subjects, Jonathan can exaggerate the villians and heroes that make up his self-image. A strong theme focuses on the ability of the self to break away from “what it has been programmed to do.” His work questions the cost of conformity, examines moral responsibility, and just like the character in “A Chant at Day’s End,” believes in art’s exquisite ability to have “something to show” for the human journey.

Mr. Thunder will be with students in late April/early May. Each day he is with us one licensed art teacher from the arrowhead region will join the class as a staff development opportunity to learn how to teach animation with Adobe After Effects. All costs are paid for through the grant.

We are pleased to have this opportunity for our students as well as colleagues in education.

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