Printmaking, Digital Arts and Graphic Design Students Visit Local Businesses


Two local businesses welcomed South Ridge art students to participate in real life work for artists.

Community Printing in Cloquet taught students how to print a three color design on a T-shirt (designed by our own Marriah J..!!) Students were able to position the shirt, flood and pull the ink across the silkscreen – printing the shirt. The bee art was created in Printmaking class last Fall. We studied the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and created images of the various bees in MN that are affected by this disorder. The study (and ultimately prints and T-shirts) bring public awareness to the serious issue of bee population decline.

MakerSpace in Duluth is a cooperative work space for those interested in learning how to use a variety of tools as well as learning new skills. From CNC cutters to 3D printers, industrial sewing machines and lapidary skills, local crafts people and artists are working together to provide a collective space to work.

Thanks to Target for their generous support of the South Ridge School through their Field Trip grant.

MSAB Art Learning grant Fall/Winter performance 2016

Great performance by South Ridge 3-4th graders and 7th grade!! Special thanks to MSAB, NEA, Legacy Amendment, Northland Foundation, Essentia Health, ISD 2142 American Indian Student Services and the Northland Learning Center.

Minnesota State Arts Board arts Learning grant with Frank Theatre at South Ridge School – Fall/Winter 2016 from Carolyn Olson on Vimeo.

Public Art at South Ridge

South Ridge Art students created two new works of public art to enrich our life at South Ridge School. 2016 Seniors Krystal Karppinen, Mallory Thibault, Reid Clark, Lindsey Weme and Spencer Stroschein all added their ideas in creating two public art works. The first is the large sign out in the football/baseball ball park. The sign is beautifully painted and includes the panther claw marks.

The second work is on the windows near “The Jungle” Credit Union. After researching the theme, taking into consideration input from the client, students designed and painted the windows in an effort to make the Credit Union more inviting and private. Their proposal was approved by the Credit Union Manager, South Ridge administration, maintenance and a number of senior art students.

Creating public art enriches the community and reflects who we are to our community at large. It is a wonderful opportunity.0197fe13fac904d5a4de0e4fbe87229833e51cb17f

Minnesota State Arts Board Awards Arts Learning grant to South Ridge School

We are thrilled to have again received the MSAB Arts learning grant for 2016-2017. This grant provides funding to support for programming in the 3-4th gra classrooms, afterschoolSTEAM (3-7th) and 7th grade art class. Students retell traditional stories through theatre. Writing activities and theatre games provide skills towards a successful theatre production. Additional support is provided through the National Endowment for the Arts, the Legacy Fund of Minnesota, American Indian Student Services and the Northland Learning Center. Additional support is still needed.

It is a wonderful experience to work with other students and staff in a creative effort such as this. If your child is in these grades please watch for information coming home early in the Fall on how your child can participate.IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_1568

Snow Snake Contest

snow snake track buildingThe season is here again for Snow Week’s  Annual Snow Snake Throwing Contest. HS art students (Printmaking) made snow snakes from wood harvested locally (Tremblay Lumber) to carve their snakes. Designs (repeated motif) were burned on to the top of each snake in 10 cm sections.

A representative from each grade will choose a snake form the selection to throw down the track. The snake that makes the longest run wins.